Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

About HCVP / Project-Based Housing (Section 8)

This program provides eligible persons the opportunity to live in housing in the private sector. For details about this program, please visit HUDs website. This Authority currently has approximately 1700 vouchers that are assisting families by providing funds to meet a portion of the rental costs of a lease with a private landlord. The wait list is currently open for project based vouchers only. If you cannot log on to your account, you must send your request in writing to learn your position on the wait list.

What's the Applicant Portal?

In the Applicant Portal, you will be able to see where you are on the Section 8 Waiting List. In the near future the Applicant Portal will be upgraded so that you can send HACC notice of any changes in your status that might affect your position on the waiting list. Qualification for specific preferences determines your position on the list along with the time that you applied. It is very important that you notify HACC of any change that might qualify you for an additional preference because that may move you into a better position on the list.

So how does this all work? Once you have applied you can create an account on the Applicant Portal. To do so you will need to enter your birth date, last four digits of your social security number and your name. It's that simple! In the future you will just enter your login name and password and you will go directly to your information.

Please remember that being on the Section 8 wait list, even in a high position, does not guarantee you a voucher. The HACC must be issuing vouchers and you must meet all of the qualifications for the Section 8 Program to receive one. Please also remember that if you are fortunate enough to be called in to be processed for a voucher, you must be able to provide verification of any preferences that you may have claimed.

Our Project-Based Developments

The Project Based program requires you to live at the site issuing the voucher. You may not take that voucher and move to another location because it stays with the unit and not the participant. If you would like to be placed on one or more of the project based waiting lists please click below for site description and age restrictions.

HCVP Status

Open - With Exceptions

The wait list is currently open for project based vouchers only. You may apply in person at the housing sites or at the Housing Authority of the County of Chester, 30 W. Barnard St., Suite 2, West Chester, PA 19382.

SAFMR - New Information

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Tenant Notification
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Which Voucher is Right for You?

Project-Based Voucher or Tenant-Based Voucher

HCVP Documents

Project Based Voucher Payment Standards Effective October 1, 2018

Income Limits

Utility Allowance

Utility Allowance - Mixed Finance / Tax Credit

2015 Administrative Plan

Revised Preference Point Allocation

Request for Criminal History

Recertification Packet

Tenant Request Form