Goals and Annual Plan

Annual and 5-Year Plan

Annual Plans:

The Future of HACC (1-5 Years)

  • Secure financing for PH capital work
  • Develop a de-concentration plan for Section 8
  • Retool Section 8 to better serve the development of affordable housing
  • Build new affordable housing to replace Fairview Village
  • Revamp and expand the Section 8 FSS and Homeownership Programs
  • Create an effective, responsive website
  • Continue to pursue improvement in communications and the building of working relationships with agencies in Chester County

We're Moving in the Right Direction!

Status of HACC in September 2010

  • Poor condition of Public Housing properties
  • High vacancy rates
  • No coordinated maintenance
  • Wait list not maintained correctly
  • Dysfunctional Section 8 program
  • No quality control system
  • Dismal customer service
  • Employee morale very low

HACC Changes as of May 2011

  • Site based management system in place
  • Physical needs assessment complete
  • Professional management of PH Capital program
  • Public housing staff now trained in asset management
  • Resident councils created
  • Waiting list purged and updated
  • Maintenance emergency response system instituted
  • Section 8 coordinator replaced
  • Section 8 staff trained and certified
  • Backlog re-certifications completed
  • Monthly program reports put in place
  • Financial reporting improved