Staff and Board

Executive Staff

The Housing Authority of the County of Chester currently has twenty employees. They are involved in the management of the Housing Choice Voucher Program; the Public Housing Program, including staff at the sites; and the Executive/Administrative staff, including Finance and Human Relations.

Debra Johnson

Director of Administration

Debra Johnson is the Director of Administration. She joined the Authority in May 2010, bringing 22 years of management experience. Prior to her arrival, there was no separate HR function and she has successfully created a department that responds to management and employee needs.

Brenda Gomez

Director of HCVP

Brenda Gomez is the Director of HCVP, having joined the Authority as a housing specialist. She oversees the staff of 5 Housing Specialist.

Tyrone Wallace

Chief Financial Officer

Tyrone Wallace is the Director of Finance, who oversees the organization's general accounting functions and reporting. Tyrone is also charged with monitoring and enforcing internal control policies and procedures.

Steven Wayock

Director of Special Programs

The Department of Special Programs consist of the HUD VASH (Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing), the FSS Program (Family Self Sufficiency), and the ROSS Program (Resident Opportunities Self Sufficiency), as well as functions as a department to assist in gaps of services and needs. This department currently runs a portion of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program for the County of Chester.

Tanja Van Den Tol

Brandywine Housing Opportunity Program

The Housing Opportunity Program was selected to be part of the Community Choice Demonstration, which is a national study funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The demonstration studies the effect of providing additional services on the ability of families with children to move to opportunity areas, which are neighborhoods with better opportunities for education and increased community resources. Families with vouchers from the Housing Authority of the County of Chester can enroll in the program and will be randomly selected to receive services to relocate to opportunity areas in Chester and Delaware Counties. Program staff will assist participating families and landlords by removing financial and logistical barriers and providing ongoing support for housing related needs.

Verna Lindsay

Director of Public Housing and Repositioning

Verna Lindsay manages the daily operations of the current Public Housing Department. Handing the properties of our Church Street Towers, King Terrace, Oxford Terrace, as well as our Maple/Spruce and Locust Court Facilities. Verna is presently in the process of repositioning to take Public Housing to a new Threshold in 2023 and Beyond!

Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority of the County of Chester is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners. Each Board member is appointed by the County of Chester's Commissioners. Commissioners receive no compensation, however they are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred for being a Board member. Officers of the Board are elected each year at the first meeting of the calendar year.

Pat Bokovitz

Pat Bokovitz is the Director of Chester County's Department of Community Development. He brings extensive knowledge about the issues facing low and middle income residents of the County and of the programs available to assist them, such as housing, employment, transportation, job training, and education.

Carol Ann Thomas

Carol Ann Thomas is the resident member of the Board. She has resided at the Authority's "Church St. Towers" development for many years. She also is the president of the Resident Council.

Theodore Claypoole

Theodore F. Claypoole, a partner of Unruh Turner Burke & Frees, primarily represents businesses, tax-exempt entities, lending institutions, and commercial and residential real estate developers and landlords. Mr. Claypoole is active in his community, presently serving as a member of the Historic Commission for West Brandywine Township and previously serving as Chairman of the Planning Commission for Sadsbury Township and as a member on the Township's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Committee, Act 209 Study Committee, Zoning Ordinance Committee, and the Pennsylvania Bar Association LLC Standard Forms Task Force.

Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D.

Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D. is a graduate of LaSalle College with a B.A. degree in social science education. He also holds a M.Ed. in social science education and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Urban Affairs & Public Policy - all from the University of Delaware. Professionally, Dr. Beccaria has a comprehensive professional background that includes successful experience in criminal, juvenile justice, and human service administration, as well as program development, fundraising, and philanthropy. Dr. Beccaria has over 48 years of professional experience spanning senior positions in criminal justice, health and human services, and higher education fund development; 30 years of over his more than four-decade professional life has been in the philanthropy arena. Currently, he is recently retired from 21 years as the President & CEO of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation - a health conversion philanthropy. Dr. Beccaria's previous philanthropy experience was as the President & CEO of the Stewart Huston Charitable Trust and as a Program Manager with the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Donnell R. Sheppard

Donnell R. Sheppard, with a comprehensive background in finance and project management, embodies a commitment to effective community development on the Housing Authority of the County of Chester board. His expertise in overseeing substantial budgets and leading high-impact projects in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with significant contributions to Philadelphia’s urban development, underscore his strategic planning and operational excellence. A devoted advocate for community engagement, Donnell's involvement in educational and workforce development initiatives, along with his passion for mentoring, highlight his dedication to fostering inclusive and thriving communities.

Public Housing / Asset Management Staff

Verna Lindsay

Director of Public Housing and Repositioning

Joanne Murtha

Joanne Murtha is the site manager for two developments in Phoenixville: King Terrace and Oxford: Oxford Terrace.

Robert Geren, Thomas Reardon


Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Brenda Gomez

Director of HCVP

Ashley Moses

Intake and Port Specialist

Cierra Young

Project Base Specialist

Janelle Chuplis

Blended Housing Specialist

Majeedah Waheed

Housing Specialist

Felicia Molina

HCV Staff Support

Finance & Accounting

Tyrone Wallace, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Bolt

Compliance Officer

Paul Boris

Staff Accountant

Housing Opportunities Program (HOP)

Tanja Van Den Tol

Director of Housing Opportunities Program

Calla Senss

Service Coordinator

Elsie Rust

Housing Case Manager & Supportive Services Coordinator

Noemi Villalva

Leasing Coordinator

Special Programs

Steven Wayock

Director of Special Programs

Brigette Vargas

Specialized Housing Coordinator

Ann Marie Barr

Ross Coordinator

Kathleen Carter

FSS Coordinator

Kellie Greenamoyer

Special Programs Clerk


Debra Johnson

Director of Administration and Human Resources

Imonie Clements

Human Resources Assistant

Frances Eden